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Fleet Arena is a PvP game mode in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where players use a team of ships to climb ranks by battling against other players' AI controlled teams. The last team a player chooses to attack with will be the team used to defend their rank spot. It unlocks when a player reaches Level 60 and the ranks go from 1,000 to 1 with rewards varying based on rank.


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There are 3 opponents to choose between; the opponent on the right holds the highest rank possible to obtain at the current rank and will not change when clicking the refresh button on the Matches tab. The middle and left opponents can be changed by clicking refresh unless you are rank 4. Each battle has a limit of 5 minutes to defeat the other team in and running out of time will result in a Draw which is counted the same as losing the battle. When a player defeats an opponent they will swap rank positions with them. There is a max of 5 battles per day with a cooldown of 10 minutes before being able to start the next battle. The cooldown can be instantly refreshed by paying 50 crystals. Crystals can be used to refresh the battles count back to 5, below is a table that shows the number of times it can be refreshed and the cost associated with it. In total, there can be 30 battles a day.

Battle Refreshes
Times Cost Total Cost
1 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 50 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 50
2 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 100 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 150
3 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 100 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 250
4 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 200 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 450
5 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 200 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 650

Prizes and Payouts

Prizes are the rewards you get each day based on the rank you are in and can be found in the Prizes tab on the Fleet Arena screen. Payout is a term used to describe the exact moment a player receives their prize for the rank they made it to. The Payout times are determined by the time zone associated with the device when you start the game for the first time. To view or change the payout times for arenas and daily activities reset go to Settings and choose Time Settings. You are allowed to change them twice a year.

Rank 1 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1800 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 400 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 200K T3 Enhancement Droid 10 T4 Enhancement Droid 15 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 2 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1700 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 375 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 180K T3 Enhancement Droid 10 T4 Enhancement Droid 13 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 3 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1600 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 350 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 160K T3 Enhancement Droid 10 T4 Enhancement Droid 11 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 4 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1550 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 325 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 140K T3 Enhancement Droid 10 T4 Enhancement Droid 9 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 5 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1500 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 300 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 120K T3 Enhancement Droid 10 T4 Enhancement Droid 7 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 6 - 10 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1400 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 200 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 112K T3 Enhancement Droid 10 T4 Enhancement Droid 6 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 11 - 20 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1350 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 100 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 104K T3 Enhancement Droid 12 T4 Enhancement Droid 5 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 21 - 50 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1300 Game-Icon-Crystal.png 50 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 96K T3 Enhancement Droid 12 T4 Enhancement Droid 4 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 51 - 100 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1250 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 88K T3 Enhancement Droid 12 T4 Enhancement Droid 3 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 101 - 200 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1200 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 80K T3 Enhancement Droid 12 T4 Enhancement Droid 2 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 201 - 500 Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 1000 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 76K T3 Enhancement Droid 13 T4 Enhancement Droid 1 Sim Tickets 150
Rank 501+ Game-Icon-Fleet Arena Token.png 800 Game-Icon-Ship Building Materials.png 72K T3 Enhancement Droid 14 Sim Tickets 150

Fleet Shards

A Fleet Shard or "Shard" is the term given by the community to talk about the group of players they have to compete against in Fleet Arena. The developers refer to them as Leaderboards. The way the fleet shard works is when a player reaches level 60 they get assigned to a fleet shard and when it reaches 1,000 players a new fleet shard is created.

Shard Chats

Shard chats are a chatroom, usually in-game or on a social platform such as Line or Discord, where the top 50 or 20 players in a Fleet/Arena Shard can talk with each other. Since payouts are specific to each player and not paid out to everyone at a set time, shard chats are usually used to inform other players of when everyones payout time is so people can avoid battling them near their payout. This can potentially help more people obtain higher payouts within their shard while also spending less crystals and time in-game. Unfortunately the exact rules of a Shard Chat are set by those running it and will vary from shard to shard with some even dictating who can be in which ranks. This has led to a lot of mixed feelings in the community about the fairness in Fleet/Sqaud Arena and the use of Shard Chats. For help finding your Shard Chat see Tips below.


  • Look at the top 50 teams in your arena shard to get an idea of what teams would be good to use or farm for. SWGOH.GG Meta Report is also another great place to get team ideas.
  • Do not spend more crystals on refreshes than you will get from your payout.
  • Several bots for Discord servers have an option for showing you the highest arena rank you can achieve within 5 battles.
  • Most shard chats will contact you once they see you enter the rank range they may have set for it, but if you want to find out info on it before then, you can contact the top 10 players or so in the Fleet Shard and ask about it. To find them do a search for them on google by doing site:swgoh.gg playername. If they have a profile on that website check their player page to make sure the Guild name matches, then use their ally code to send them a message in-game about it. If they do not have a GG Profile then you may try to find them on:

Information on speed climbing
Note: This information is not meant to be an argument for or against any of these tactics players may choose to use.
Some players in the community like to maximize their efforts in arenas by starting off in higher positions or with better rosters. There are three ways they achieve this:

  1. Spend lots of money to increase their roster and levels within a short amount of time.
  2. Use accounts not bound to any email/facebook account or watch chats in discord, official forum, or reddit to see when a new shard is opened to obtain a higher starting position.
  3. Get into a good guild and just sit below player level 60 to hoard blueprints and gear up characters for several months until they can unlock enough key ships to secure high positions in a fresh fleet shard.

Each of these tactics is going to have a downside. Option 1 is going to be very expensive because time is the most expensive resource to spend money on in the game and trying to quickly level from just beginning the game adds up fast. When trying to do options 2 and 3 there is no guarantee that the shard they get on will not have players who will spend lots of money to get into a position higher than them. The Hyperdrive Bundle has helped lessen the amount of money needed, but will also decrease the edge people have for hoarding by increasing the number of people they will have to compete with as well as decreasing the amount of time they can stay at the top without anyone being able to drop them. The Hyperdrive bundle also means anyone trying to do option 3 now has to add buying it to stay ahead otherwise they will not be able to increase their player level fast enough without it.


  • Fleet Arena became available when ships came to the game on 11-22-2016.
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