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This page is a directory for all Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Beginner Guides.

Beginner guides are designed with new players in mind and focus on approaching the information about the main topic from that perspective. These guides usually highlight different things within the game that could be important for helping players have a better understanding of the topic as well as becoming better at them. These guides can closely resemble Farming Guides, but tend to include information beyond the scope of just farming. Be sure to still check them out as many Farming Guides can be very helpful for beginners.

Creating a new guide
If you would like to create your own farming guide rather than trying to collaborate with someone else please use the following to create the page for the guide.

The page should be created in the following format: Beginner Guide/yourWikiUserName (Optional guide for)

  • Beginner Guide/Kidori
  • Beginner Guide/Kidori (Gear)
  • Beginner Guide/Kidori's Unit Farming Guide

Make sure the page is created with the Beginner Guide/ at the beginning of it. You can use the link above to help with creating it or type it into the search bar. After creating the page make sure you add a link to this page along with the date of the last time you updated it.

Declaring editing rights
When creating the guide page you can add a notice to the top of it to let other users know if they are allowed to do adjustments to it. There are two types of guides on this wiki Collaborative Guides and User Guides.

Collaborative Guides are a collective work of agreed upon advice from the community, rather than any single user, that all wiki contributors are able to adjust. Please use the Talk pages to discuss any issues or debates over the information in these guides. Any "edit-wars" will result in Admin intervention. These guides will need to be marked with a Collaboration Guide notice by adding {{Collaborative Guide}} to the top of the pages.
User Guides are written by specific author(s) and should only be edited by others who have been given permission by the author(s). Please use the Discussion page or contact the guide's author(s) if wanting to give input or to gain editing permission to this guide. These guides will need to be marked with a User Guide notice by adding {{User Guide}} to the top of the pages.

Collaborative Guides

User Guides

Last updated April 28, 2020
Beginner Guide/Kidori's Scavenger Guide
Last Updated December 28, 2021

External Guides

Outdated Guides

Beginner Guide/Kamu Teel Beginner's Guide to Ships
Last updated December 31, 2018