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Welcome to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki! This wiki is made possible by the SWGoH community. If you would like to contribute to this wiki please read through this guide. It will help maintain the quality standards of this wiki for the community. If you need further assistance please join our Discord or contact a wiki admin.

User Role
SigSig Founder/Guardian
Kidori Administrator

Getting Started

Wiki Account

If you think you will be a frequent contributor then you will need to make an account. After you have created an account you should also create a user page for yourself. You can do this by typing User:yourUserName into the search bar and choosing to create the page. Once you have created the page follow the instructions on User Page Documentation to get it set up.

Creating a page

Please follow these steps when creating a page:

  • Search for the page using the search box above
  • If the page you're looking for doesn't exist, search for pages that could have the content you're looking for within it. If you find an existing page that could be a good fit for it please see Editing a page below.
  • If you were unable to find a page for it, do a search for the name you would like the page to have. There will be a red link that you can click to create the page.
  • Once you click that link, you will be presented with a blank textbox where you can start creating your wiki article

Wiki-Contributor Guide-Create a page.png

Editing a page

At the top of every page, there are 2 options - Edit and Edit Source.

  • Edit will bring you to the wysiwyg editor. Edit Source brings you to the Markup editor.

Please see Editing Guidelines to become familiar with the standards for this wiki.

Editing Guidelines

All contributions to the Wiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. All wiki admins have full authority over anything placed on the wiki to ensure it maintains the quality standards of the wiki.

Important Notes

  • The main focus of the wiki is to provide useful information about the game to help people understand it better and be better at it. In accordance with this, the wiki is not going to adhere to typical wiki standards and has been designed to serve more as a game guide and database. If you are interested in doing anything beyond what is mentioned in Current wiki projects or to heavily modify a page please join our Discord to discuss it with us. New User Guide pages do not need to be discussed beforehand and any user is free to create their own User Guide whenever they want for whatever aspect of the game they want. All other guidelines will still need to be followed though especially making sure the guide page is created in the proper format.
  • The wiki is not a place where contributors can fully own things. All content provided on the wiki can be edited, adjusted, or removed by the Wiki Admins. This includes all guides that are provided that people want to maintain authorship over. Any such guide provided on the wiki can still be edited, adjusted or removed if necessary to maintain the quality and standards of the wiki.
  • Any page that has a lot of unnecessary personal information or information unrelated to the game is going to be deleted or heavily edited to remove such information.
  • This wiki is not a place for you to advertise your guild or to make content specifically for your guild. Any content containing this will be deleted or heavily edited to remove such information.
  • Pages should not overly contain unnecessary comments and opinions that do not add any usefulness to the main topic for the page. Guides marked as User Guides are not going to be patrolled for this, but it is still encouraged to minimize tangents and information that may not bring any usefulness to the main topic of the guide.
  • This wiki uses programming scripts and other tools to automatically create some pages and generate content in the wiki. See Auto Generated Pages section below for more details.

General Standards

  • Information should be organized, concise, accurate and useful.
  • Properly use headings and subheadings to structure information.
  • Use supporting pictures and media that follows the wiki's media guidelines.
  • Keep layouts and designs consistent with the rest of the wiki.
  • Include links to other articles that may contain more information when necessary.
  • No copyrighted material is to be used on the wiki without permission! It is the responsibility of the contributor to ensure what they are using is not breaking any intellectual property laws.
  • No content, such as hacks or exploits, that undermine the fairness and competitiveness of the game is to be included on the wiki.

Styling Guidelines

The following types of pages use very specific layouts:

If adding something new to any of the groups listed above, the layout must match exactly.
For all other content follow the General Standards.

Guide Guidelines

There are two types of guides on this wiki, Collaborative Guides and User Guides.

  • Collaborative Guides are a collective work of agreed upon advice from the community, rather than any single user, that all wiki contributors are able to adjust. The Discussion pages for those pages should be used to discuss any issues or debates over the information in them. Any large modification of these pages will need to be discussed before implementing. Any "edit-wars" will result in Admin intervention. These guides will need to be marked with a Collaborative Guide notice by adding {{Collaborative Guide}} to the top of the pages. These types of guides will adhere to the strictest enforcement of the wiki standards and quality as it relates to the content and information provided on them.
  • User Guides are written by specific author(s) and should only be edited by others who have been given permission by the author(s). The Discussion page or contact the guide's author(s) if wanting to give input or to gain editing permission to the guide. These guides will need to be marked with a User Guide notice by adding {{User Guide}} to the top of the pages. These guides are still subject to the quality standards of the wiki, but it will have more leniency than Collaborative Guides as mentioned above in Important Notes.

Media Guidelines

Using Images

The following templates are available to use to put in-game images on pages.

  • Template:Icon can be used to get images of ability materials, currencies, and other images.
    • Ability Material ZetaRaid Ticket PitEnergy-ShipCrystal
  • Template:Gear can be used to get images of gear.
    • Gear-Mk 5 CEC Fusion Furnace.pngGear-Mk 8 BioTech Implant.pngGear-Mk 8 BioTech Implant Component.png
  • Status Effects COMING SOON
  • Template:Reward can be used to put images of rewards on pages.
1st Time
Game-Icon-Ability Material Zeta.png
Ability Material Zeta
Aayla Secura
Aayla Secura Shards x5
Han's Millennium Falcon
Han's Millennium Falcon Blueprints x4
Unit-Character-Grand Master Yoda-portrait.png
Grand Master Yoda- Gear 12
Unit-Character-Darth Malak-portrait.png
Darth Malak- Gear 13
Unit-Character-Commander Luke Skywalker-portrait.png
Commander Luke Skywalker- Relic 

Uploading Images

The wiki follows specific naming conventions for files and requires .png format on all images except Screenshots. The following image types use these specific prefixes in their names:

  • Game icons use Game-Icon-
  • Gear images use Gear-
  • Event banners use Event-
  • Ability icons use Ability-' or can use their datamined names
  • Ability gifs use Ability- and the suffix -ani
  • Mod images use Mod-
  • Shard images use Shard- followed by either Character- or Ship-
  • Data cards from the store use Store-Data Cards-
  • Character images use Unit-Character-
    • Portraits use the suffix -portrait or -portrait-tr for transparents
  • Ship images use Unit-Ship-
    • Portraits use the suffix -portrait or -portrait-tr for transparents
  • Screenshots should use the Screenshot- prefix followed by a brief description of what it is for which should include which part of the game it came from.
    • Example: Screenshot-GAC 3vs3.png
  • Images for specific pages in the wiki should use Wiki- followed by the page it goes with and a brief description.
    • Example: Wiki-Event Teasters-C3PO Puzzle 1.png

Keeping files organized in this way will make it much easier for people to find images they may want to use in the wiki and to keep duplicate images down. Do not use the wiki to store images, instead you may use the data-screenshots channel in the wiki's discord for storing images you may need for analyzing data from the game such as sim drops and prize box rewards. Any user uploaded images that are not used on a page will be deleted, and continuous uploading of such pictures may result in a temporary ban. Always check to see if an image you want to upload is already in the wiki.

How to help

  • Check out Current wiki projects to see if there is anything you would like to help with.
  • Add Notices to pages to help communicate issues the page may have.
  • Search Notice categories to find pages that may need work done to them.
  • Check the Recent Changes page to see anything new added that may need help or notices.

Auto generated pages

This wiki uses datamined game files to auto create several pages on the wiki. This means any manual creation or edits before the script runs will be erased and replaced with the datamined information. The following pages are created using these scripts:

Using Notices

The wiki uses several notices to communicate the condition and/or status of a page. You may check out the categories to see if any have something you may be able to help with. If you see a page that may need work done to it you can use one of these notices to communicate it. For more information on how to use the notices on pages go to Notices



Incomplete Content
This page contains content that may be incomplete. Please help this article by expanding it.

Reason(s): No reason was given

Used for: Letting people know that the page could use more information on it.
When to use: If a page has places that is clearly missing content.
Current list of Stubs



Needs cleaning up
This page contains content that may need cleaning up to meet wiki standards. Please help this article by making it more concise.

Reason(s): No reason was given

Used for: Letting people know that the information on the page needs to be adjusted.
When to use: When content is unorganized, too long, and/or excessively detailed.
Current list of Pages to Cleanup



Outdated Content
This page contains content that may be outdated.Please review this article and update it with any needed adjustments to ensure all information is current and accurate.

Reason(s): No reason was given

Used for: Letting people know that the information on the page is outdated.
When to use: When information on the page does not match the current state of the game.
Current list of Outdated Pages



Unreleased Content!
This page contains content that has not been released yet.

Used for: Letting people know that the information on the page has not been released yet.
When to use: When creating pages containing content that will be coming out in the future.
Current list of Unreleased Content

Under Construction


Under Construction!
This page is currently being worked on and may be missing some information. If you would like to help, please contact the person who added this to the page.

Used for: Letting people know that the information on the page is still being worked on.
When to use: When the page creator or editor does not have time to finish all they want to do with a page and they would like others to wait before editing.
Current list of Under Construction

Candidate for deletion


This page is a candidate for deletion.
Admins will be reviewing the page to see if it needs to be deleted.

Reason(s): No reason was given

Used for: Letting people know that the page has been flagged for admins to review and decide if it needs to be deleted.
When to use: If pages or content within them seem unnecessary, irrelevant, and/or serves no benefit to current or prospective players in the game.
Current list of Candidates for Deletion