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Mod Challenges unlock after the completion of Mod Battles Map 3 and allow players to repeat battles to acquire mods at a rarity of 3 or higher.

Challenge-Health Mods.png
Challenge-Defense Mods.png
Challenge-Crit Damage Mods.png
Challenge-Crit Chance Mods.png
Challenge-Tenacity Mods.png
Challenge-Offense Mods.png
Challenge-Potency Mods.png
Challenge-Speed Mods.png


  • Mod Challenges were introduced to the game when Mods launched 7-12-2016.
  • Mod Challenges use to require a specific faction to use and Cantina Energy to play, forcing many players to farm for factions they never wanted and to choose between using Cantina Energy for the Cantina or for Mods.
  • In the datamined game files there are Mod Challenges for Defense Penetration Mods and Taunt Mods that never made it into the game.
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