Beskar Armor

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Status Effect-Beskar Armor.png Description
1 Stack: +50% Defense and +15% Health Up.
2 Stacks: Recover 30% Protection at the end of turn.
3 Stacks: 100% Counter Chance and can't be critically hit.
Status Unique • Buff
Exclusive to Characters
Limited to The Armorer
Dispellable No
Preventable No
Copyable No


This status affect can only be granted by The Armorer and can be applied to any other ally. The ally gains stacks of Beskar Armor equal to the number of stacks of Beskar Ingot removed from The Armorer. These stacks can not accumulate, adding more stacks of Beskar Armor replaces any previous stacks.

Characters that can apply

Unit-Character-The Armorer-portrait.png
The Armorer

File:Status Effect-Beskar Armor.pngBeskar ArmorBeskar Armor