IG-2000 (Old)

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Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Bounty Hunters, Droid, Scoundrel

Aggressive Bounty Hunter Attacker that deals massive damage to Breached enemies

Frontline or Reinforcement?

Most often used as a reinforcement since it’s very easily killed. However some few moderately successful lineups run it on the frontline.


Can potentially deal a lot of damage. Has significant synergy with Bounty Hunters. Can self heal. Can Stun and inflict Target Lock.


Low health and protection. Usually a priority target since it has no way to protect itself (eg with stealth).

Farming Locations

  • Light Side Hard Node 6-E


Use IG-2000’s Stun/TL to lock down an enemy, then focus down Breached enemies with his double attack basic. Can be called in as a reinforcement under Executrix to potentially debuff all enemies, providing a big offense boost.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

2 or 3. At Lv2 the ability can debuff all enemies, but at Lv3 it applies double Target Lock, which can be invaluable with the right team.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

  1. Exploit Identified (Basic)
  2. Inertial Dampeners Disabled (Special)
  3. Reconstruct Protocol (Crew)

1 is the only ability that significantly affects IG-2000’s performance, since that’s his main damage dealing ability. 2 is nice due to the damage boost, but unreliable since not every enemy IG-2000 uses it on will be Breached. 3 is almost unnecessary since it’s only a very small bonus, but like most Omegas: it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade.

Recommended Gear Level