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The store is an in-game shop where people can spend real money to get various things in the game. It is Separated into 3 tabs which are Data Cards, Resources, and Crystals.

Data Cards

The Data Cards tab can contain packs for gear, relics and shards. It offers permanent packs that can always be found in the Store and limited time offers that expire within a set amount of time. All permanent packs require either crystals or ally points. Limited time packs require either real currency or crystals and may have a limit on the number you may purchase. Packs offered can be broken into several categories.

  • Permanent
  • Faction Pack
  • Faction Bundle
  • Unit Pack
  • Unit Bundles


The Resources tab contains data cards for Ship Building Materials, Credits, Training Droids and Enhancement Droids that can all be purchased with crystals.

Ship Building Materials

Store-Resources-SBM Packs.png

The Ship Building Material Data Card pack gives 45,000 ship building materials with a chance of multiplying it by 2 or 3 times.
The Mega-Pack is a pack that does the card pack 8 times, which is equivelent to buying 7 of them and getting one pack free.
Expect to average 45k from the card pack and about 450k-540k from the mega-pack.

Drop Rates

  • 1x (45k) = 75%
  • 2x (90k) = 20%
  • 3x (135k) = 5%


Store-Resources-Credits Packs.png

The Credit Data Card pack gives 70,000 credits with a chance of multiplying it by 2 or 3 times.
The Mega-Pack is a pack that does the card pack 7 times and a mega card pack once.
The Ultra-Pack is a pack that countains 10 card packs, 6 mega card packs, and 1 ultra card pack.
Expect to average 70k from the card pack, 700k from the mega-pack, and 1.54m-1.96m from the ultra-pack.

Drop Rates

Card Pack

1x (70k) = 84%
2x (140k) = 14%
3x (210k) = 2%

Mega Card Pack

1x (70k) = 60%
2x (140k) = 35%
3x (210k) = 5%

Ultra Card Pack

1x (70k) = 2.50%
2x (140k) = 5%
3x (210k) = 92.50%

Enhancement Droids

Store-Resources-Enhancement Droids Packs.png

The Enhancement Droids Data Card pack gives 10 Tier 4 enhancement droids.
The Mega-Pack gives 80 Tier 4 enhancement droids.

Training Droids

Store-Resources-Training Droids Packs.png

The Training Droids Data Card pack gives 15 Tier 4 training droids.
The Mega-Pack gives 45 Tier 4 training droids.


Store-Crystals-Pack 1.png Store-Crystals-Pack 2.png

The crystals tab only contains options for purchasing crystals with real currency. Prices and quantities for crystals are always the same unless they are running a special event. Special events usually happen 2 to 3 times a year and usually around the month of May and December. During these events they typically increase the crystals obtained from all or specific bundles by 25%.


To minimize costs always calculate the crystals you will need for what you intend to use them on and never buy pouch. Below will show you the cost per crystal.

    • Pouch = 00904¢ ea
    • Bag = 00818¢ ea
    • Box = 00745¢ ea
    • Chest = 00714¢ ea
    • Crate = 00678¢ ea
    • Vault = 00636¢ ea