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Status Effect-Deceived.png Description
Can't target Sith Eternal Emperor during their turn if another Sith enemy is active. When an ability is used, Sith Eternal Emperor gain's 2% Ultimate Charge and recover's 2% Protection. Can't counter attack.
Status Unique • Debuff
Exclusive to Characters
Limited to Sith Eternal Emperor
Dispellable No
Resistible No
Copyable No


Whenever an enemy with Deceived uses an ability, their weakest ally becomes Deceived. Deceived Rebel and Jedi enemies can't gain bonus Turn Meter. If Sith Eternal Emperor is also in the Leader slot, Deceived enemies also increase Sith Eternal Emperor's Mastery by 10% when they use an ability. All Sith allies gain half the amount of Mastery.

Characters that can apply

Unit-Character-Sith Eternal Emperor-portrait.png
Sith Eternal Emperor

File:Status Effect-Deceived.pngDeceivedDeceived