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Debuffs are detrimental status effects applied by a units abilities. Below is a list of all Debuffs currently in the game, click on one to see more information about it including all units that can apply it.

Status Effect-Ability Block.pngAbility BlockSpecial abilities are unusableYesYesYes
Status Effect-Accuracy Down.pngAccuracy Down-15% AccuracyYesYesYes
Status Effect-Anguish.pngAnguishCharactersTakes damage at the start of their turn equal to 2% of their Max Health for each stack of Anguish and gains that much Offense until the end of their turn; this character can't be defeated by this damageYesYes?
Status Effect-Blind.pngBlindMiss the next attack.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Breach.pngBreach-25% Speed, -25% Defense (Does not stack with Speed Down or Defense Down)YesYesYes
Status Effect-Buff Immunity.pngBuff ImmunityImmune to buffs.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Burning.pngBurningCharacters-15% (0.03% for raid bosses) of max health per turn, reduces avoidance by 500000%; does not stack.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Buzz Droids.pngBuzz DroidsShips-50% Defense and lose 5% Health at start of turn with at least 1 Buzz Droid (max 3); lose 1 Buzz Droid when taking damage from an attack or a Concussion Mine.YesNoNo
Status Effect-Captive.pngCaptiveSpeed set to 0, can't bonus attack or gain bonus Turn Meter
Raid Bosses: -30% Critical Damage, Defense, and Offense
Status Effect-Concussion Mine.pngConcussion MineShipsDeals damage equal to 10% of targets max health and Dazes the target for 2 turns when it explodes. Can't be dispelled.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Confuse.pngConfuseCharacters1 Stack: Cannot gain buffs.
2 Stacks: Cannot counter, assist, or gain bonus turn meter. (Raid Boss: -30% Counter chance.)
3 Stacks: Increases cooldowns by 1 when this character uses their basic ability. (Raid Boss: -50% Defense.)
Status Effect-Corrupted Battle Meditation.pngCorrupted Battle MeditationCharacters-10%-30% Crit Chance and -10%-30% Counter Chance. Doubled against non-Sith and non-Jedi enemies. Can't be dispelled.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Critical Chance Down.pngCritical Chance DownRemoves 25% critical chance.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Critical Damage Down.pngCritical Damage Down-50% Critical DamageYesYesYes
Status Effect-Damage Over Time.pngDamage Over TimeCharacter loses 5% (0.01% for raid bosses) of max health each turn.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Daze.pngDazeCan't assist, counter attack, or gain bonus Turn MeterYesYesYes
Status Effect-Deathmark.pngDeathmarkCharactersEnemies will target this unit, -50% Health if damaged by attack (0.03% for raid bosses), can't revive.YesNoYes
Status Effect-Deceived.pngDeceivedCharactersCan't target Sith Eternal Emperor during their turn if another Sith enemy is active. When an ability is used, Sith Eternal Emperor gain's 2% Ultimate Charge and recover's 2% Protection. Can't counter attack.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Defense Down.pngDefense DownDecreases defense by 50%.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Defense Penetration Down.pngDefense Penetration Down-150 Defense PenetrationYesYesYes
Status Effect-Demoralized.pngDemoralizedCharacters-50% Offense, -25% Critical Chance, -25% Critical Damage; does not stack with other debuffsNoNoNo
Status Effect-Disarm.pngDisarmCharacters-50% Critical Damage and Offense (doesn't stack with Critical Damage Down or Offense Down); whenever this character uses a Basic ability, they gain Damage Over Time for 2 turns, which can't be resistedNoNoNo
Status Effect-Doubt.pngDoubtCharactersCan't gain bonus Turn Meter or buffs or recover ProtectionYesYesYes
Status Effect-Evasion Down.pngEvasion DownRemoves 25% dodge chance.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Expose.pngExpose-20% (0.02% for raid bosses) of max health if damaged by attack.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Fear.pngFearCharactersMiss the next turn, can't use abilities, and can't evade. Increase cooldowns by 1 and Fear expires on taking damage from an attack.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Ferocity.pngFerocityCharacters-15% Defense and Tenacity per stack, +8% Offense and Potency per stack; cant' be copied.YesNoNo
Status Effect-Force Influence.pngForce InfluenceCharactersCan't assist, counter attack or gain buffs (raid bosses and Galactic Legends: -30% counter chance)YesYesNo
Status Effect-Fracture.pngFractureCharactersSpeed set to 0, cannot gain buffs, bonus attacks, or turn meter. Raid bosses lose 0% speed, 30% counter chance, and cannot gain buffs.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Healing Immunity.pngHealing ImmunityCharacter cannot regain health or protection.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Health Down.pngHealth DownDecreases health by 20%.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Health Steal Down.pngHealth Steal DownDecreases health steal by 50%.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Hunted.pngHuntedShipsDeals 75% less damage with out of turn attacks and can't gain bonus Turn Meter.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Inevitable Failure.pngInevitable FailureCharactersGain 1 stack when using an ability or receiving damage from an enemy; when defeated, grant Admiral Piett bonuses based on the number of stacks this unit until the end of battle.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Marked.pngMarkedEnemies will target this unit.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Offense Down.pngOffense Down-50% Offense.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Overconfident.pngOverconfidentCharacters-20% Defense, +50% Offense, +10% Speed, +15% EvasionYesNoNo
Status Effect-Pain.pngPainCharactersTake bonus damage equal to 10% (0.05% for raid bosses) of Max Health when damaged by Darth Sion.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Plague.pngPlagueCharactersLose 5% (0.01% for raid bosses) Health, per stack, when inflicted and at the start of their turn, is immune to allied Dispels, and loses all stacks of Plague when healed to full Health. This damage ignores protection.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Potency Down.pngPotency DownDecreased chance to apply detrimental effects. -50% Potency.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Protection Disruption.pngProtection DisruptionCharactersProtection is disabled, immune to Protection Up and Bonus Protection.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Provoked.pngProvokedCharacters+100% counter chance; this character deals 90% less damage when attacking out of turn; whenever this character attacks out of turn, they take damage equal to 20% of their Max Health; this damage can't defeat this characterYesNoYes
Status Effect-Purge.pngPurgeCharactersIncreased effects from enemies that utilize Purge which lasts until the end of the encounter and can't be copied or prevented.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Shatterpoint.pngShatterpointCharactersReceiving damage dispels Shatterpoint and reduces Defense, Max Health, and Offense by 10% for the rest of the encounter; enemies can ignore Taunt to target this unit.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Shield Disruption.pngShield DisruptionShipsProtection is disabled, immune to Protection Up and Bonus Protection.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Shock.pngShockCharactersCharacter cannot heal, gain buffs, or gain bonus turn meter.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Speed Down.pngSpeed Down-25% Speed.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Stagger.pngStaggerCharactersLost 100% Turn Meter if damaged by attack.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Stranded.pngStrandedShipsTake damage equal to 35% of its Max Health at start of its turn; this damage can't defeat a unit; can't recover Health or Protection, or gain Protection UpNoNoNo
Status Effect-Stun.pngStunCharacter misses a turn and cannot avoid attacks.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Target Lock.pngTarget LockIncreased effects from abilities that utilize Target Lock. Interacts with units ability mechanicsYesYesYes
Status Effect-Tenacity Down.pngTenacity DownMinimized chance to resist negative status effects.YesNoYes
Status Effect-Torture.pngTortureCharactersTake bonus damage equal to 10% of this character's Max Health when damaged by an attack; reduce Defense by 10% (stacking, max 50%) for the rest of the encounter when damaged by an attack; can't gain bonus Turn MeterNoNoNo
Status Effect-Useful Pawn.pngUseful PawnCharacters-5% Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and OffenseNoNoNo
Status Effect-Vulnerable.pngVulnerableCharactersWill be critically hit if able.YesYesYes