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Status Effect-Blind.png Description
Miss the next attack.
Status Debuff
Limited to y
Dispellable Yes
Resistible Yes
Copyable Yes


The next time the unit with this debuff attacks it will miss. In the datamined game files it shows that the target(s) of the next attack will have 999900% dodge chance added to them.

Characters that can apply

Unit-Character-Ben Solo-portrait.png
Ben Solo
Unit-Character-Darth Malgus-portrait.png
Darth Malgus
Unit-Character-Eighth Brother-portrait.png
Eighth Brother
Unit-Character-Jabba the Hutt-portrait.png
Jabba the Hutt
Unit-Character-Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker-portrait.png
Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker
Unit-Character-Mission Vao-portrait.png
Mission Vao
Unit-Character-Sun Fac-portrait.png
Sun Fac
Unit-Character-Threepio & Chewie-portrait.png
Threepio & Chewie

File:Status Effect-Blind.pngBlindBlind