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Status Effect-Fear.png Description
Miss the next turn, can't use abilities, and can't evade. Increase cooldowns by 1 and Fear expires on taking damage from an attack.
Status Debuff
Exclusive to Characters
Dispellable No
Resistible No
Copyable No


Characters that can apply

Unit-Character-Admiral Piett-portrait.png
Admiral Piett
Unit-Character-Bastila Shan (Fallen)-portrait.png
Bastila Shan (Fallen)
Unit-Character-Darth Malak-portrait.png
Darth Malak
Unit-Character-Darth Malgus-portrait.png
Darth Malgus
Unit-Character-Darth Revan-portrait.png
Darth Revan
Unit-Character-Fifth Brother-portrait.png
Fifth Brother

Characters with Leader abilities that can apply

Unit-Character-Darth Malgus-portrait.png
Darth Malgus

File:Status Effect-Fear.pngFearFear