Suprosa Supercomputer

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Status Effect-Suprosa Supercomputer.png Description
Gain 100% Critical Chance and an additional bonus based on the ship's role.
Attacker: At the start of turn, dispel Stealth and Taunt from all enemies and inflict Defense Down for 1 turn on a random enemy
Tank: All Rebel allies recover 10% Health and Protection whenever this ship receives damage
Support: At the start of turn, inflict Target Lock on a random enemy for 2 turns and remove 20% Turn Meter
Status Unique • Buff
Exclusive to Ships
Limited to Outrider
Dispellable No
Preventable No
Copyable No


Only applies to Rebel allies.

Ships that can apply


File:Status Effect-Suprosa Supercomputer.pngSuprosa SupercomputerSuprosa Supercomputer