Asajj Ventress (Old)

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Asajj Ventress
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Nightsister, Separatist


Although Asajj's role is listed as Support, in reality she's an excellent attacker and one the best damage dealers of the faction. Her well rounded kit and insane damage output makes her a staple in every Nightsister roster. She's widely used in both PvP and PvE battles and a core component for Nightsister Raid strategies.

Asajj can be used both as a leader or a team member. Regardless of her role, usually she's the main damage source of the team. Her play pattern is killing enemies and/or letting teammates die, so she can gain TM, stack Health, Offense and Crit chance. She's useful at controlling enemies with potential Stun on basic attack and TM reduction as a leader. Dispelling multiple buffs from the enemy characters with her special ability (Strike Fear) provides massive heal for her team, and also removes a significant amount of TM from the opponents. Defeating enemies with her AoE ability (Endless Wrath) refreshes all of her cooldowns.

Most Nightsisters use Mother Talzin as leader in Squad Arena. Asajj lead is more commonly chosen for specific Raids and a secondary team in 3v3 Grand Arena. But she's still a viable leader, sometimes even a better option when Talzin is less effective (against teams with too much Tenacity, Tenacity Up and frequent healing, like Bastila Shan led Jedi or Jedi Knight Revan). Asajj is also the better leader for mirror matches.


  • Great leader ability
  • Incredible damage (stacking Offense and Crit chance, eventually guaranteed critical hits)
  • Can be really fast (Speed boost, TM gain and cooldown reset)
  • Various controlling tools (TM reduction, Stun)
  • Strong sustain (both self and team wide healing)
  • Mass dispel, mass debuff


Asajj doesn't have major glaring flaws. Her well rounded abilities compensate for most of her weaknesses. But there are certain aspects of her kit that can be exploited.

Her speed

Asajj's base speed is 116 which is rather slow (25 points below the average). To make up the difference, she heavily relies on her unique ability. Rampage gives her +15 Speed for each enemy without buffs. This makes her inherently weaker against teams who can constantly keep buffs on multiple characters. The disadvantage is especially obvious when the enemy team starts the battle with pre-loaded buffs.

Her special ability (Strike Fear) is meant to help with that by clearing every buff from the enemy team. But it's on 3-4 turn cooldown that is susceptible to Ability block.

Rampage and her leader ability both provide huge TM gain. Denying this with debuffs like Daze, Shock or Jango Fett's leader ability cripples Asajj's speed.

Her durability

Asajj has above average 30500 base Health, stacking maximum Health gain and the highest Health Steal in game (55%). This combined with the natural sustain of Nightsister teams makes her quite durable compared to glass cannon damage dealers of her caliber. Healing Immunity, Shock and burst damage both good ways to combat her sustain.

Her damage

She has outstanding damage output, but the main source of that is the almost guaranteed critical hits. Teams with built in Critical Avoidance (eg. Jedi Knight Revan) or Critical Immunity (eg. General Kenobi) reduce Asajj's damage by a significant amount.

Her play pattern

Nightsisters generally rely on allies dying. Abilities that prevent revive are a natural counter to this strategy (like Boba Fett's Execute, Darth Nihilus' Annihilate or Death Trooper's Terminate).

Teams that benefit from constantly defeating enemies also can exploit this (such as Imperial Troopers).

Farming Locations

She can be found only in the Squad Arena Store

Zeta & Omega Abilities

Cruel Strike (Basic)

Useful Omega. +15% damage and +15% Stun chance. Stunning is always great, but with her low Potency and only a 50% chance it's quite unreliable. Still worth it, since Asajj is the main damage dealer and she can take a lot of turns. Sometimes even called to assist. Especially good in Deathstorm, where she uses mostly basic attacks.

Strike Fear (Special)

Luxury Omega. +5% bonus heal. This ability is mostly used for cleaning up multiple buffs. In most cases the base healing is more than enough.

Endless Wrath (Special)

Useful Omega. +15% damage and -1 cooldown, which is less important on an ability that can refresh itself. Upgrading makes it more forgiving to mistakes when you misjudge her damage.

Nightsister Swiftness (Leader)

Recommended Zeta. Even though the ability is excellent, it's still not the highest priority. Good for having a second strong Nightsister team in 3v3. Required for soloing the Rancor and the TM-chain strategy for phase 4 of the Sith Triumvirate Raid.

Rampage (Unique)

Highly recommended Zeta. Among the best Zetas in the game. A huge power spike for every team composition in every game mode. Required for the Deathstorm strategy.

Mod Recommendations


Asajj's base Crit chance is relatively high (~40%), and she also gets +15% stacking from Rampage. So after the death of any 4 characters she's already at 100%. This means that additional Crit chance worth less, Offense worth more, meanwhile Crit damage has an incredible scaling with both.


She has a decent base health pool, stacking max Health, Health Steal, healing and Nightsister teams have multiple forms of revive. This means that Health is more meaningful on her than Protection. For the TM-chain strategy high Protection is actually a disadvantage.


Set bonuses

  • 4x Crit Damage
  • 2x Health

Primary stats

  • Speed Receiver (arrow)
  • Crit damage Holo Array (triangle)
  • Offense Multiplexer (cross)
  • Health Data Bus (circle)

Secondary stats

  • Speed has the highest focus.
  • Next on the priority list is Offense.
  • Among defensive stats Health is the most useful for her.
  • Other stats - such as Tenacity, Defense and Potency - are welcomed but not as important.
  • Crit chance and Protection has the least value.


Most of the recommendations listed above are true for PvE as well. But in Raids both the TM-chain and the Deathstorm strategy involves a lot of TM manipulation. Either by falling below max Health and healing back up or allies dying constantly. In general, the Speed stat is important for two reasons: deciding who will start the battle and generating TM faster. In raids the first aspect doesn't matter, and the second is covered with TM gain.

This means that Speed is much less meaningful. An Offense primary arrow with multiple flat Offense secondary rolls - eg. (4) +128 Offense - provides more overall damage than an arrow with Speed primary. Also any mod with multiple flat Offense rolls and multiple %Offense rolls could be great even without good Speed.

Synergy Teams

Asajj has natural synergy with every Nightsister but especially strong with Zombie, Mother Talzin and Old Daka.

As of now, her Separatist tag doesn't offer any meaningful synergy. This may be subject to change as the Separatist faction may get reworked.

Outside of her faction a notable mention is Barriss Offee paired with Asajj lead. The synergy comes from the combination of Bariss' Zeta ability (Swift Recovery) and Asajj's Zeta leadership. Whenever an ally is critically hit, Bariss heals them for 20%. Meanwhile Asajj gives 50% TM to a Nightsister who falls below max Health. This means when a full Health Nightsister is critically hit, they gain TM and potentially immediately healed back to full. This cycle can make the team incredibly frustrating to play against. Especially effective against an opponents who consistently crit (eg. Jedi Knight Revan or First Order).


General background, Race, home planet, affiliations (link to jedi, galactic republic etc). Nothing too detailed since it then takes away from game.

Further Media Appearance

Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Any interesting trivia or facts about a toon that might be of interest to people, was thinking of things like Mace and GMY having attacks named after their combat forms, or Plo having Clone and Jedi synergy etc.