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Jawas ....

Required for content



Name Ship Buffs Debuffs Other Status Locations
Unit-Character-Chief Nebit-portrait.png
Status Effect-Heal Over Time.pngHeal Over Time
Status Effect-Taunt.pngTaunt
Status Effect-Protection Up.pngProtection Up
Squad Arena Store Squad Arena Token 400  (10x)
Status Effect-Stealth.pngStealth
Status Effect-Ability Block.pngAbility Block
Status Effect-Stun.pngStun
Light Side Battles: 3-F (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png12 (2x)
Galactic War Store Galactic War Token 400  (10x)
Status Effect-Speed Down.pngSpeed Down
Status Effect-Stun.pngStun
Dark Side Battles: 4-F (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png12 (2x)
Unit-Character-Jawa Engineer-portrait.png
Status Effect-Critical Chance Up.pngCritical Chance Up
Status Effect-Thermal Detonator.pngThermal Detonator
Guild Activity Store Guild Token 450  (10x)
Unit-Character-Jawa Scavenger-portrait.png
Status Effect-Defense Up.pngDefense Up
Status Effect-Offense Up.pngOffense Up
Status Effect-Stealth.pngStealth
Status Effect-Defense Down.pngDefense Down
Status Effect-Healing Immunity.pngHealing Immunity
Status Effect-Offense Down.pngOffense Down
Status Effect-Tenacity Down.pngTenacity Down
Status Effect-Thermal Detonator.pngThermal Detonator
Cantina Battles Store Cantina Battle Token 400  (10x)

Leader Abilities

Unit-Character-Chief Nebit-portrait-tr.png Chief Nebit Game-Icon-Ability Material Omicron.png
Lead Synergy: JawasDroid
Synergy: JawasDroid

Jawa and Droid allies gain 30% Critical Chance and inflict Critical Chance Down for 3 turns on a critical hit.

While in Territory Wars: When a Jawa ally deals damage to an enemy, they dispel all buffs on that enemy. For every buff dispelled, that enemy is inflicted with a Thermal Detonator for 2 turns, which can't be dispelled, prevented, or resisted.

When an enemy takes damage from a Thermal Detonator, Jawa allies recover 5% Health and Protection, gain 5% Turn Meter, and there is a 50% chance that enemy is inflicted with a Thermal Detonator for 2 turns, which can't be dispelled, prevented, or resisted.

Unit-Character-Dathcha-portrait-tr.png Dathcha Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
Lead Synergy: All

Whenever an ally damages a Droid, they have an 80% chance to inflict Defense Down for 3 turns and a 25% chance to remove 25% Turn Meter.


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