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Neutral is an alignment that units can have in the game. Alignments are category tags that specify what side of the Force the unit is more in tune with.


Name Ship Buffs Debuffs Other Status Locations
Unit-Character-Hondo Ohnaka-portrait.png
Status Effect-Defense Up.pngDefense Up
Status Effect-Foresight.pngForesight
Status Effect-Outmaneuver.pngOutmaneuver
Status Effect-Protection Up.pngProtection Up
Status Effect-Ransom.pngRansom
Status Effect-Ability Block.pngAbility Block
Status Effect-Buff Immunity.pngBuff Immunity
Status Effect-Expose.pngExpose
Status Effect-Captive.pngCaptive
Cantina Battles: 1-D Game-Icon-Cantina Energy.png8


Name Ship Buffs Debuffs Other Status Locations