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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has a vast community of friendly players that greatly amplify the experience of the game. Some of the community have created websites and tools to help players with the game, while others formed groups on social media networks, like Discord, where people in the community can connect easier with each other to learn and talk about the game. This page is dedicated to providing information into all the wonderful communities, tools, and resources that the community has created so you can find the ones that are right for you.

Social Communities

These are places where players can communicate and interact with others in the community.

General Community

EA Official Forums
Reddit • /r/swgalaxyofheroes

Discord Communities

SWGOH Discord Servers
Discord is a social media platform used by thousands of SWGoH players to communicate in real time. It allows for people to create private or public servers where others can join. Many guilds have their own servers they use for better coordination and communication between guild members due to the in-game chat limitations. Along with guild servers, there are also a lot of public Discord servers for the community to connect with.

Content Creators

Content Creators List
Content creators provide helpful, entertaining, and/or informative videos or podcasts that typically provide the community with ways to engage with them and others within the community. Sometime this can even lead to the creation of large communities of players around the content creators. Content creators typically use platforms such as Youtube and Twitch with some choosing Discord as an additional way to engage with their subscribers and followers.

Websites and Web Apps

swgoh.gg provides a wide range of general game statistics as well as detailed information on each player's roster.
Provides information on whether your toons are ready for various events in the game.
SWGoH Events is a website about events in SWGOH. It keeps track of events and has a very useful panic farm tool.
Aggregated YouTube and Twitch videos specifically for SWGOH.
Provides guides for various events as well as modding advice.
Provides a range of useful tools for organizing and optimizing your characters.
Mod Optimizer
Tool that you can use to optimize your mod loadouts.
SWGOH Events: Gear
Character gear tracking tool
Boba's Alliance
Website for the Boba's community with multiple guides and tutorials
Boba's Counters
Website with counters/tactics/video's provided by Boba's Alliance
German website of the FFM-Heroes Guild where you can inquire about joining or find useful guides and information.