Turn Meter Swap

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Turn Meter Swap is a battle mechanic that takes the active units Turn Meter and swaps it with another unit, usually an ally. The selected unit for the swap is not considered gaining Turn Meter so it is not affected by Turn Meter Gain Immunity.

Units that utilize Turn Meter Swap

Turn Meter Swap

List of units that can swap Turn Meter.


Unit-Character-Commander Ahsoka Tano-portrait.png
Commander Ahsoka Tano
Unit-Character-Grand Admiral Thrawn-portrait.png
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Unit-Character-Jedi Knight Revan-portrait.png
Jedi Knight Revan
Unit-Character-Mace Windu-portrait.png
Mace Windu
Unit-Character-Resistance Hero Finn-portrait.png
Resistance Hero Finn