Galaxy of Heroes Cantina

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Galaxy of Heroes Cantina

In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players partake in battles on different holotables located throughout the Galaxy of Heroes Cantina. Along with holotables, players can also go to different vendors and shops. Most of these tables and shops are located in the main part of the cantina while others are only accessible inside different rooms such as the Guilds room and Ships room.


In the main cantina area you will find the majority of all the holotables and vendors in the game. It is where you can find the entrance to the Guild and Ships room along with all of the following:

Ships Room

In the ships room is where you will find access to Fleet Challenges, Fleet Battles, and the Fleet Arena (which is also now accessible from the Arena Table).

Guild Room

In the guild room is where you will find access to the Raid, Territory War, and Territory Battle tables.


In the early days of the game you could only access the stores in their respective holotable or room screen. On March 3, 2017 there was a quality of life update for the game that added all of the stores including Shipments together so they could all be accessed from each other, which is why you can find them all in Shipments even though they are stores. They can all still be accessed the old way which is why you still see the vendors for the Shard Store, Fleet Arena Store, and Guild Store in the cantina.