Discarded Doctrine

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Event-Discarded Doctrine.png
Type Journey Guide Fleet Mastery
Requires Player Level 85
7 specific characters Relic 5+
7 specific ships 4+ stars
Reward Executor Executor
Release date August 16, 2021
Discarded Doctrine

Discarded Doctrine is a Journey Guide Fleet Mastery that requires 7 specific characters and 7 specific ships to go through 4 Tiers in order to unlock Executor at 4 stars. The event also has a repeatable Bonus Tier that can be done to earn 10 blueprints. The first three tiers will lend you the Executor to use in place of your selected Capital Ship.

Exclusive event unit


Upgrade Admiral Piett to Relic 8
Upgrade Boba Fett to Relic 8
Upgrade Darth Vader to Relic 7
Upgrade Dengar to Relic 5
Upgrade IG-88 to Relic 5
Upgrade Bossk to Relic 5
Upgrade TIE Fighter Pilot to Relic 5
Upgrade Razor Crest to 5 Stars
Upgrade TIE Advanced x1 to 4 Stars
Upgrade Imperial TIE Bomber to 4 Stars
Upgrade Hound's Tooth to 4 Stars
Upgrade Slave I to 4 Stars
Upgrade IG-2000 to 4 Stars
Upgrade Imperial TIE Fighter to 4 Stars



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