Mk 2 Nubian Design Tech

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Gear-Mk 2 Nubian Design Tech.png Stats
+9 Strength (STR)
+9 Agility (AGI)
+9 Tactics (TAC)
+24 Physical Damage
Cost: 1550 Game-Icon-Credits.png
Required Unit Level: 19
Required Unit Stars: 1
Gear Tier: 2
Mk 2 Nubian Design Tech


Gear-Mk 1 Merr-Sonn Shield Generator.png
Mk 1 Merr-Sonn Shield Generator
Gear-Mk 2 BlasTech Weapon Mod.png
Mk 2 BlasTech Weapon Mod

Acquired from

Used to craft

Used for Characters

This gear is used 21 times for characters as both a full gear piece and a material to create another gear piece.
This gear is used 21 times as a full piece for the following characters:

Indicator-Gear 09-trans.png
Unit-Character-Count Dooku-portrait.png
1Count Dooku
Unit-Character-Ewok Scout-portrait.png
1Ewok Scout
Indicator-Gear 08-trans.png
Unit-Character-CT-5555 "Fives"-portrait.png
1CT-5555 "Fives"
Unit-Character-Kyle Katarn-portrait.png
1Kyle Katarn
Unit-Character-Nute Gunray-portrait.png
1Nute Gunray
Unit-Character-Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian)-portrait.png
1Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian)
Indicator-Gear 06-trans.png
Unit-Character-Ewok Elder-portrait.png
1Ewok Elder
Unit-Character-Ewok Scout-portrait.png
1Ewok Scout
Unit-Character-Luminara Unduli-portrait.png
1Luminara Unduli
Unit-Character-Nightsister Initiate-portrait.png
1Nightsister Initiate
Indicator-Gear 05-trans.png
Unit-Character-Cere Junda-portrait.png
1Cere Junda
Unit-Character-Commander Ahsoka Tano-portrait.png
1Commander Ahsoka Tano
Unit-Character-Darth Talon-portrait.png
1Darth Talon
Unit-Character-Old Daka-portrait.png
1Old Daka
Unit-Character-Seventh Sister-portrait.png
1Seventh Sister
Unit-Character-Tusken Warrior-portrait.png
1Tusken Warrior
Indicator-Gear 03-trans.png
Unit-Character-Hera Syndulla-portrait.png
1Hera Syndulla
Indicator-Gear 02-trans.png
Unit-Character-Rey (Jedi Training)-portrait.png
1Rey (Jedi Training)
File:Gear-Mk 2 Nubian Design Tech.png