Ewok Elder

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Ewok Elder

Ewok Healer that specializes in Revives

Unit-Character-Ewok Elder.png
Alignment Light Side
Role Healer
Faction Ewok
Release Date November 24, 2015
Rework Date July 5, 2017
Shards to Activate 25
Accelerated Yes Accelerated units have increased drop quantities. See Character Shards for more information.
Acquisition Light Side Battles: 2-A (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png12 (2x)
Guild Activity Store Guild Token 450  (10x)
Forest Moon
Bronzium Data Card
Battle Mechanics Turn Meter Gain - Self
Turn Meter Gain - All Allies
Dispel Debuffs - All Allies
Heal Health - All Allies
Revive - All Allies
Revive - Ally
Assist - Call Ally
Cooldown Reduction - Self
Turn Meter Gain - SelfTurn Meter Gain - All AlliesDispel Debuffs - All AlliesHeal Health - All AlliesRevive - All AlliesRevive - AllyAssist - Call AllyCooldown Reduction - Self


Stats displayed are for unit at max level with max stars. Mods are not included in calculations.

Physical Offense
Damage 4631
Critical Chance 64.42%
Armor Penetration 120
Health 92009
Protection 43419
Speed 142
Potency 15%
Tenacity 49%
Critical Damage 150%
Defense Penetration 0%
Relic 9
Unit-Character-Ewok Elder-portrait.png
Ewok Elder - Gear Relic 9
Materials Needed
Max Level
Special Offense
Damage 5130
Critical Chance 12.92%
Resistance Penetration 10
Armor 53.72%
Resistance 37.35%
Dodge Chance 2%
Deflection Chance 2%
Health Steal 25.5%
Accuracy 0%


Tex.ability ewok elder basic.png Guiding Strike
Basic Ability Material Omega Level 8

Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 60% chance to gain 50% Turn Meter, grant other Ewok allies half that amount, and grant other allies 10% Turn Meter.
More Details

Tex.ability ewok elder special01.png Tribal Healer
Special Ability Material Omega Level 8
4 Turn Cooldown

Dispel all debuffs on all allies. All allies recover Health equal to 30% of Ewok Elder's Max Health with a 35% chance to revive defeated allies at 15% Health.
More Details

Tex.ability ewok elder special02.png Power of the Forest
Special Ability Material Omega Level 8
7 Turn Cooldown

Revive a random defeated ally at 40% Health with a 55% chance for Ewok Elder to gain 45% Turn Meter. If the revived ally is an Ewok, they are called to Assist. Whenever an Ewok ally is defeated, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1.
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Omega and Zeta Rankings
Ability Name Ability Type Cost Get OPTIONS:Yes,No<br />This field is just a quick reference of whether an ability is worth the mats investment at all. Priority Number in order of most important, 1, to least important Best for OPTIONS:Raid, PVP, PVE, All<br />This field is used to specify abilities that may be really good to have but only for specific content. Reasons
Guiding Strike Basic
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
? ? ?
Tribal Healer Special
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
? ? ?
Power of the Forest Special
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
? ? ?



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Unit Strategy

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Team Strategy

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Kit Counters

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  • Guiding Strike -
  • Tribal Healer -
  • Power of the Forest -



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