Mk 9 TaggeCo Holo Lens

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Gear-Mk 9 TaggeCo Holo Lens.png Stats
+470 Health
+35 Tactics (TAC)
+1% Tenacity
Cost: 5000 Game-Icon-Credits.png
Required Unit Level: 85
Required Unit Stars: 7
Gear Tier: 7
Mk 9 TaggeCo Holo Lens


Gear-Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars.png
Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars
Gear-Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars Salvage.png
50Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars Salvage
Gear-Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars Prototype.png
1Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars Prototype
Gear-Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars Component.png
50Mk 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars Component
Gear-Mk 2 Zaltin Bacta Gel.png
Mk 2 Zaltin Bacta Gel
Gear-Mk 2 Zaltin Bacta Gel Prototype.png
1Mk 2 Zaltin Bacta Gel Prototype
Gear-Mk 2 Zaltin Bacta Gel Prototype Salvage.png
20Mk 2 Zaltin Bacta Gel Prototype Salvage
Gear-Mk 2 Merr-Sonn Thermal Detonator.png
1Mk 2 Merr-Sonn Thermal Detonator
Gear-Mk 3 BioTech Implant.png
1Mk 3 BioTech Implant
Gear-Mk 3 BlasTech Weapon Mod.png
1Mk 3 BlasTech Weapon Mod
Gear-Mk 3 Nubian Security Scanner.png
1Mk 3 Nubian Security Scanner
Gear-Mk 3 Loronar Power Cell.png
1Mk 3 Loronar Power Cell
Gear-Mk 1 Arakyd Droid Caller.png
1Mk 1 Arakyd Droid Caller
Gear-Mk 1 Czerka Stun Cuffs.png
1Mk 1 Czerka Stun Cuffs
Gear-Mk 6 Arakyd Droid Caller Salvage.png
Mk 6 Arakyd Droid Caller Salvage

Acquired from

Used to craft

Used for Characters

This gear is used 42 times for characters as both a full gear piece and a material to create another gear piece.
This gear is used 42 times as a full piece for the following characters:

Indicator-Gear 11-trans.png
Unit-Character-Admiral Raddus-portrait.png
1Admiral Raddus
Unit-Character-Admiral Trench-portrait.png
1Admiral Trench
Unit-Character-Amilyn Holdo-portrait.png
1Amilyn Holdo
Unit-Character-B2 Super Battle Droid-portrait.png
1B2 Super Battle Droid
Unit-Character-Bastila Shan (Fallen)-portrait.png
2Bastila Shan (Fallen)
Unit-Character-Bastila Shan-portrait.png
1Bastila Shan
Unit-Character-Ben Solo-portrait.png
1Ben Solo
Unit-Character-Bodhi Rook-portrait.png
1Bodhi Rook
Unit-Character-Captain Phasma-portrait.png
1Captain Phasma
Unit-Character-CT-21-0408 "Echo"-portrait.png
1CT-21-0408 "Echo"
Unit-Character-CT-5555 "Fives"-portrait.png
1CT-5555 "Fives"
Unit-Character-Director Krennic-portrait.png
1Director Krennic
Unit-Character-Doctor Aphra-portrait.png
1Doctor Aphra
Unit-Character-Emperor Palpatine-portrait.png
1Emperor Palpatine
Unit-Character-Hondo Ohnaka-portrait.png
1Hondo Ohnaka
Unit-Character-Hoth Rebel Scout-portrait.png
1Hoth Rebel Scout
Unit-Character-Imperial Super Commando-portrait.png
1Imperial Super Commando
Unit-Character-Jawa Scavenger-portrait.png
1Jawa Scavenger
Unit-Character-Jedi Knight Anakin-portrait.png
1Jedi Knight Anakin
Unit-Character-Jedi Master Luke Skywalker-portrait.png
1Jedi Master Luke Skywalker
Unit-Character-Jyn Erso-portrait.png
1Jyn Erso
Unit-Character-Lando Calrissian-portrait.png
1Lando Calrissian
Unit-Character-Luminara Unduli-portrait.png
1Luminara Unduli
Unit-Character-Mace Windu-portrait.png
1Mace Windu
Unit-Character-Nightsister Acolyte-portrait.png
1Nightsister Acolyte
Unit-Character-Old Daka-portrait.png
1Old Daka
Unit-Character-Royal Guard-portrait.png
1Royal Guard
Unit-Character-Savage Opress-portrait.png
1Savage Opress
Unit-Character-Tusken Chieftain-portrait.png
2Tusken Chieftain
Unit-Character-Tusken Shaman-portrait.png
1Tusken Shaman
Unit-Character-Wedge Antilles-portrait.png
1Wedge Antilles
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