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For a graphical overview of this Faction go to Jedi.

Characters with abilities against this group

Character Ability name Description of the max statistics of the part of ability that affects this character group
Darth Vader No Escape 8 speed per Jedi enemy during the encounter.
Emperor Palpatine Crackling Doom While Palpatine is active, at the start of each enemy turn, they take damage equal to 20% of their Max Health for each of the following: they are Shocked; they are a Jedi; they are a Rebel.
Darth Sidious Sadistic Glee +35% Evasion
Darth Maul Raging Storm.

Whirling Blades.

Double damage.

Double damage.

Cad Bane Stun Glove Remove 100% turn meter.
HK-47 Havoc 20% more damage for each Jedi enemy...