Kanan Jarrus

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Kanan Jarrus

Durable Phoenix Tank that keeps enemy Offense crippled and allies healthy

Unit-Character-Kanan Jarrus.png
Alignment Light Side
Role Tank
Faction JediPhoenixRebel
Synergy Phoenix
Ship Ghost
Release Date March 16, 2017
Shards to Activate 25
Accelerated Yes Accelerated units have increased drop quantities. See Character Shards for more information.
Acquisition Guild Events Store Mk I Guild Event Token 400  (10x)
Squad Arena Store Squad Arena Token 400  (10x)
Fanatical Devotion
Rebel Roundup
Buffs TauntForesightProtection Up (40%)
Debuffs Offense Down
Battle Mechanics Dispel Debuffs - Ally
Dispel Debuffs - All Allies
Turn Meter Gain - Self
Turn Meter Gain - All Allies
Heal Health - Self
Dispel Debuffs - AllyDispel Debuffs - All AlliesTurn Meter Gain - SelfTurn Meter Gain - All AlliesCounterHeal Health - SelfOffense Down


Stats displayed are for unit at max level with max stars. Mods are not included in calculations.

Physical Offense
Damage 4672
Critical Chance 62.29%
Armor Penetration 90
Health 80531
Protection 77900
Speed 115
Potency 38%
Tenacity 50%
Critical Damage 150%
Defense Penetration 0%
Relic 9
Unit-Character-Kanan Jarrus-portrait.png
Kanan Jarrus - Gear Relic 9
Materials Needed
Max Level
Special Offense
Damage 4485
Critical Chance 15%
Resistance Penetration 0
Armor 59.97%
Resistance 42.59%
Dodge Chance 2%
Deflection Chance 2%
Health Steal 30.5%
Accuracy 0%


Tex.ability kanan s3 basic.png Disarming Strike
Basic Ability Material Omega Level 8

Deal physical damage to target enemy and inflict Offense Down until the start of Kanan's next turn or until he is defeated. If this attack scores a Critical Hit, this effect can't be resisted. This ability gains +15% Critical Hit Chance for each ally under full Health.
More Details

Tex.ability kanan s3 special01.png Intervene
Special Ability Material Omega Level 8
3 Turn Cooldown

Deal Physical damage to target enemy and Taunt for 2 turns, then Dispel all debuffs on another target ally. While Kanan has this taunt buff, his Tenacity is doubled.
More Details

Tex.ability kanan s3 special02.png Total Defense
Special Ability Material Zeta Level 8
3 Turn Cooldown

Dispel all debuffs on Phoenix allies and grant them Defense Up for 3 turns. Kanan grants himself and another target ally Foresight and Protection Up (40%) for 2 turns. When each of these Foresights expire, Kanan gains 100% Turn Meter and other Phoenix allies gain 50% Turn Meter.
More Details
Total Defense

Tex.abilityui passive phoenix.png Clear Mind
Unique Ability Material Omega Level 8

Kanan has 70% Counter chance and recovers 25% Health whenever he suffers a debuff.
More Details
Unlocks at Gear Level 2.
Level 7:
Kanan has 55% Counter chance and recovers 15% Health whenever he suffers a debuff.
Level Unit
Ability Material Credits Adds
8 80
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
80400 +10% Heal and +15% Counter Chance
7 70
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk I.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk II.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk III.png
32900 +5% Counter Chance
6 60
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk I.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk II.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk III.png
11000 +5% Counter Chance
5 50
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk I.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk II.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk III.png
5500 +5% Heal
4 40
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk I.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk II.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk III.png
2700 +5% Counter Chance
3 30
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk I.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk II.png
1800 +5% Counter Chance
2 20
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk I.png
900 +5% Counter Chance
1 Description: Kanan has 30% Counter chance and recovers 10% Health whenever he suffers a debuff.



Omega and Zeta Rankings
Ability Name Ability Type Cost Get OPTIONS:Yes,No<br />This field is just a quick reference of whether an ability is worth the mats investment at all. Priority Number in order of most important, 1, to least important Best for OPTIONS:Raid, PVP, PVE, All<br />This field is used to specify abilities that may be really good to have but only for specific content. Reasons
Disarming Strike Basic
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
Yes 3 PVP Added Critical Chance is good, but not the most important. You can easily use Mods to fill this, but it's not recommended.
Intervene Special
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
Yes 1 Raids Lower Cooldown is good since it lets Kanan Taunt sooner, and has the potential to help keep characters like Ezra, Sabine, and Hera alive.
Total Defense Special
Game-Icon-Ability Material Mk III.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
Game-Icon-Ability Material Zeta.png
No 4 PVP Although an extremely good Zeta, you'll be better off using it on Ezra, since Zetas are a limited resource.
Clear Mind Unique
Game-Icon-Ability Material Omega.png
Yes 2 All Adds tons of survivability to Kanan using the increased Heal, and extremely helpful when Hera is Leader, giving every Phoenix member a 70% Counter chance.



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Jedi - High Synergy
Light Side - Low Synergy
Any Faction - Very Low Synergy

Unit Strategy

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Team Strategy

Details of how to use and mod Kanan Jarrus within specific teams can be found on the following pages:

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Kit Counters

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  • Disarming Strike -
  • Intervene -
  • Total Defense -
  • Clear Mind -



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